Hawthorn Chapter
of the Missouri Native Plant Society

Membership and Service

Please contact one of the officers to volunteer a little time to a very good environmental and educational service. We need people to serve as officers, to grow plants for fundraising, to man our information booth at events such as Earth Day and Bradford Plant Sale, and to care for native gardens in public places. For membership please pay both chapter and State MONPS dues. Please note MONPS sends communications and the newsletter by email unless you opt for and pay a print and postage surcharge.

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Membership Form

Missouri Native Plant Society • Hawthorn Chapter

Fiscal year is July 1 through June 30.

State Membership

Student ($5.00)
Goldenrod ($10.00)
Sunflower ($25.00)
Bluebell ($50.00)
Blazing Star ($100.00)

Receive state Petal Pusher newsletter by:

E-Mail — no additional charge
Postal Mail — $10 for Petal Pusher

Since July 2018, the Petal Pusher has been printed on paper in grayscale and delivery by mail requires an additional $10 more than standard membership. Email delivery brings you color photos, and instant delivery. It saves natural resources, pollution, and MONPS’ and your money.

Chapter Membership

Hawthorn Chapter ($5.00)

Amount enclosed

Minimum required annual membership per household is $10 for students or $15 for non-students [state+chapter]


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Street Address

City, State

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Phone/Day or Cell

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E-mail updates?

Would you like to receive reminders and updates on field trips and other events by email?


If you have ideas for field trips or programs, please list them below. We appreciate your membership and your suggestions.

Make checks payable to: Missouri Native Plant Society

Complete, print and send this form with payment to:
Jayne Young, 803 Park de Ville Pl, Columbia, MO 65203

Send your questions to: npshawth@hotmail.com.

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